Atmamantahan encourages BMC Corporators for garbage free ward

Bhubaneswar: Self-assessment can pave way to tackle sanitation issues at ward level. The members bound in ward level core committee for sanitation have concluded their discussion to converge each other activities through periodical panning and assessment.

In the second day facilitation of Bhubaneswar Fisrt “Atmamantahan” participating members of each ward have derived the conclusion to make each ward as a unit to reflect actions taken with regards to sanitation and related developments.

As per event strategy, in second day today, the representatives from 21 wards of South west zone of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) shared their views and observations in two different sessions.

Mayor Sulochana Das and Commissioner Vijay Amruta Kulange had their interaction through the process of workshop to get direct observations of participants.

It was quite helpful to know the level of participation and involvement of Corporators and this has helped to have ward wise competition on sanitation, told Mayor.

Workshop has aroused a healthy spirit among the Corporators and other members to keep promise for respective wards. Objective of such a strategic workshop has gained ground with such positive attitude of the committee members.

Innovations and ward specific actions were commendable. It was decided to have the periodical meeting of the committee for assessing the requirements and solving issues at ward level. The sense of seriousness and we feeling among the ward representatives will gain intensive community participation thereby making sanitation a community driven initiative, told Commissioner.

Reduced garbage vulnerable point (GVP) is an indicator of committee intervention in the wards. The places used previously as temporary transit points need to be wiped out from the memory of citizens and such open spaces should be creatively utilised like small parks, sitting space etc.

Concentrated effort to overcome issues of sanitation and achieving the goal of “Bhubaneswar First” is a movement of behaviour change.

Participants from ward no. 15,22,23,24,25,27,37,38,39,46,47 in first session and ward no. 48,49,50,51,52,62,63,64, 65 and 66 were agreed to contribute their best to keep such promise.

Today’s programme was attended by Dy. Mayor Manjulata Kanhar,Addl. Commissioner II Binaya Kumar Dash, Zonal Deputy Commissioner SW Zone Ravinarayan Jethi and Corporators of concerned wards.

Jyotiprakash facilitated the workshop sessions along with Team Leader of SBA Cell Manoranjan Sahoo.