Tunisha Sharma suicide case: Accused Sheezan Khan’s sisters share statements

Actress Tunisha Sharma’s ex-boyfriend and Sheezan Khan’s sisters, Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz, have urged everyone to give their family some ‘privacy’.

Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz are also television actresses.

“As much as everyone is eager to know the ‘other side of the story’, we are equally curious to know, but for time being we’d like for you to allow us privacy in this grave situation. Both families are victims at this point. Let the right time come and we will address the matter for sure. But this is not the right time. A death is a painful situation everyone needs to honour the privacy of the affected Families and give them the space to mourn and carry on with the funeral first,” read the statement.
It is such an unfortunate state that we lost a precious soul and another is arrested, it added.

“Accusations have been leveled against Sheezan and the police are investigating the case. Let police take the call. I am confident that an innocent guy has been framed without an application of mind.” This situation has been overwhelming for the family members and we’d like to take this time to co-operate with the police and let the truth come out. We have complete faith in the Indian judiciary system and hope the truth shall triumph,” said Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz
“Also, please do not take our silence for weakness; We will speak soon when the time is right. But for now, allow and respect our privacy,” urged the Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz.