Alisshaa Ohri to represent India at Mrs Universe 2022

Mrs. Universe 2022 is all set to be hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria from 30th January to 5th of February in 2023.

The inaugural event happened at the same venue, with the motto “keeping a platform open for women to express themselves.” The participants from across the globe are enthusiastic and pumped to participate in the most prestigious pageant. Representing India, Alisshaa Ohri has been preparing hard.

With unwavering determination, Alisshaa Ohri is optimistic about asserting her presence at the upcoming Mrs. Universe 2022. The gorgeous participant from India is an entrepreneur and a make-up artist by profession.

Alisshaa’s journey has been truly inspiring, and over the years, she has built rock-solid self-confidence and created her identity as an accomplished, self-made woman. She has been named the winner of Diadem Mrs. India Legacy 2021–2022.

Alisshaa Ohri expresses her enthusiasm for this, saying, “Perseverance and hard work can help one overcome all barriers, and modesty is the key to success.It is a privilege and an honor to represent India on a global stage.

Absolute dedication and a desire to make our country proud are of the utmost importance. The countdown has begun, and it is only a matter of time before I will be at the biggest and the most anticipated stage.”

The current and reigning queen and titleholder, Mrs. Universe 2021, is Ana Siradze from Georgia. With all hopes high, Alisshaa Ohri takes her stride forward with the utmost grit and determination, hoping to win the Mrs. Universe 2022 title.