Uorfi Javed

Kiss my a..: Uorfi Javed shares nude pic on Twitter

Uorfi Javed aka Urfi Javed, who has worked in TV serials like ‘Meri Durga’ and ‘Bepannah’, is now in discussion about her clothes. It would not be wrong to say that no one in this world can compete with Urfi Javed’s fashion sense.

The actress shared a picture on her Twitter handle, in which she has gone completed nude. In the photo, Urfi can be seen wearing noting on the top part and showing her back to the camera. However, she has covered her modesty with one of her hand and she flaunted victory sign in the air.

“Kiss my a…” she captioned the picture.

Check out the picture here:

There is no answer to the kind of dresses Urfi Javed makes and wears. Urfi Javed doesn’t just make dresses out of clothes, but she also makes waste items her ‘outfit of the day’. After the cycle chain, needle, pieces of glass, mobile, sim and cold drink, the actress is now seen wearing a nail dress. Yes, nail dress. Surely you must have been surprised to read this, but this is Urfi who can do anything.