‘Journalism is a cultural bridge between public & govt’

Koraput: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Odisha (CUO), Koraput organized a seminar on ‘responsibility of journalism’ on Thursday.

Speaking as the chief guest, Dr. JB Pandey, Guest Professor, Department of Hindi, said that journalism is the name of every effort to reach general information to the public.

“Journalism is the fourth strong pillar of democracy.  There is a cultural bridge between them. Journalism should be fair and independent. Narad is India’s first journalist reporter and Ved Vyas is the first editor,” Dr Pandey added.

 Discussing the power of journalism, he said the lines of Akbar Allahabadi that: “The government also bows down in front of the newspaper. The sword also bows down in front of the newspaper. That power is hidden in journalism which is not found even in cannons, swords and bombs.”

While presiding over the seminar, guest professor of Hindi, Dr Hemraj Meena said that the path of journalism is like walking on the edge of a sword. Journalists should be fair and fearless, only then they will be able to convey the public’s concerns to the government.