On Akshay Tritiya 2023, BJD gets new office ‘Shankha Bhawan’

Bhubaneswar: On the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya 2023, Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) president Naveen Patnaik dedicated the new party office ‘Shankha Bhawan’ to the people of Odisha.

The luxurious building was inaugurated in the presence of many dignitaries who had gathered for the occasion.

Patnaik expressed his gratitude to all those who had contributed to the construction of the Shankha Bhawan and remembered the history of the party.

He said that a new era had begun in Odisha in 1997 with the birth of the Biju Janata Dal.

The party was formed as a regional party with the aim of serving the people of Odisha, but it has now been transformed into a social revolution.

Since its formation, the party has been riding on the success of the leadership of Naveen Patnaik.

The new party office, Shankha Bhawan, is a symbol of the party’s commitment to the development of all sectors in Odisha.

Patnaik said that the building will be dear to the 4.5 crore population of Odisha and will be the confluence point of those who love the people of Odisha and want to serve them. This will be the platform for all who want to do something for Odisha, and it will unite 4.5 crore Odia people.

All the programmes of Shankha Bhawan will be dedicated to the people of Odisha, and it will be dedicated to protecting the interests of Odisha. It will work towards the development of education, art and culture of Odisha and towards the promotion of the culture of Lord Jagannath in the world.

The Shankha Bhawan will be an inspiration for not just the physical, social, economic, cultural and political growth of Odisha, but also the spiritual growth rooted in the principle of Jagannath culture. The building will send out the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Patnaik concluded by saying that it is time for everyone to come together and take forward the tradition of service and dedicate themselves to glorifying the culture and pride of our motherland.

With the inauguration of the Shankha Bhawan, the renovated luxury BJD office will start functioning from today.

The Biju Janata Dal is one of the major political parties in Odisha, and it has been in power since 2000. The party was founded after Naveen Patnaik’s father, Biju Patnaik, who was a legendary leader and served as the Chief Minister of Odisha twice.

The Shankha Bhawan is a luxury building that is equipped with all modern amenities. It is located in the heart of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. The building has been designed to reflect the culture and heritage of Odisha, and it is a fitting tribute to the people of the state.

“The inauguration of the Shankha Bhawan is a significant event in the history of the Biju Janata Dal. It is a symbol of the party’s commitment to the development of Odisha and its people. The building will serve as a platform for the party to connect with the people of the state and to work towards their welfare,” said a BJD leader.

“The dedication of the Shankha Bhawan to the people of Odisha is a powerful message from the Biju Janata Dal. It shows that the party is committed to the welfare of the people of the state and is willing to work towards their betterment. The building is a testament to the party’s commitment to development and progress,” he said.