Low pressure could influence onset of monsoon

Bhubaneswar: Advancement of the south west monsoon into eastern and southern India could depend on the likelihood of development of low pressure areas over the Arabian Sea and east central Bay of Bengal on June 6 next, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan’s Centre for Environment and Climate (CEC) here said on Tuesday.

The advancement of the south west monsoon would depend on the intensity and direction of both the low pressure systems, Dr. S.C.Sahu,
Director of CEC, said.

There was possibility of rise of day temperature between June 2 and 9 and the probability of occurrence of sporadic thunderstorm with rain over Odisha during this period, Dr. Sahu said.

Meanwhile, the existing weather pattern in Odisha with day temperature of less than 42 degrees C in interior parts of the state and
below 40 degrees C in the coastal plains would continue up to June 1.

Sporadic nor’wester, also known as ‘Kalabaisakhi’, could occur across Odisha
because of anticyclone over north Arabian Sea and breeze flowing in from the Bay of Bengal, he said.