Train movement resumes in Balasore

Train movement resumes in Balasore after tragic accident claims 275 lives

Bhubaneswar: Train movement has finally resumed in the section where the horrific Balasore train accident occurred, claiming the lives of 275 people.

After a challenging period of 51 hours, the first train began operating on the down line at Bahanga Bazar near Balasore in Odisha. This positive development brings a glimmer of hope and relief to the affected region.

Railways minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said, “Both tracks have been restored. Within 51 hours, train movement has been normalized. Train services will begin from now.”

His statement reflects the unwavering commitment of the railway department to promptly address the situation and resume operations for the benefit of the affected areas.

While the tragic accident had severe repercussions, it also revealed the resilience and determination of the railway authorities and rescue teams involved. Their tireless efforts in restoring the damaged tracks, ensuring safety measures, and getting the trains back on schedule demonstrate their dedication.