Odisha Millet Mission celebrates Rajo Festival with public of Keonjhar

Keonjhar: As Odisha celebrates the auspicious Rajo festival, the Odisha Millet Mission brings a fun and entertaining show for the locals of Keonjhar on June 15 and 16 at the Smart Bazaar, near Gandhi Square. Rajo, the most popular of the numerous festivals in Odisha, is celebrated for three consecutive days. Just as the earth prepares itself to quench its thirst with the incoming rain, the unmarried girls of the family are groomed for impending matrimony through this festival.
Odisha Millet Mission, a flagship programme under the state government of Odisha, has been taking various innovative and exciting approaches to promote millets in the state. Odisha Millet Mission is organising a series of entertaining events called ‘Know about Odisha’s Millet’ in the top 20 cities of the state to raise awareness about millets.
The broad idea behind this event in Keonjhar is to keep infusing the key message into the audience’s minds, that is, to accept millet into their daily dietary habits, all while keeping the crowd engaged and entertained. And for that, TV and YouTube comedians Suji Kumar Jena, Dolly, and singer Mandeep are invited to perform during the event.
The event starts off with the anchors introducing Odisha Millet Mission and the purpose of the day’s show to the audience, followed by a few local harmonies to attract the crowd. It then proceeds to discuss the widely accepted unhealthy eating habits, portrayed through a hilarious comedy skit.
To keep the excitement levels soaring, the Odisha Millet Mission has a bunch of quirky and competitive games. Participants are sure to be on the edge of their seats. The winners of these thrilling contests get the opportunity to win exciting surprises and gift hampers that are sure to bring a sense of excitement.
Events organised at the regional scale by the Odisha government grab the audience’s attention and can lead to a larger impact on the state’s health and economic index.