Ollywood director Trupti Biswal passes away in bike accident

Bhubaneswar: Trupti Biswal, a noted director in the Ollywood film industry as well as television and jatra, tragically passed away in a bike accident in Bhubaneswar on Monday.

According to available information, Biswal was involved in a bike accident yesterday and was immediately taken to Ashwini Hospital for medical attention. Despite receiving treatment, he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries today.

Throughout his career, Trupti Biswal directed numerous highly acclaimed TV shows, including popular titles such as Ahankar, Bandhan, Suna Kalasa, Ahuti, Gayatri, Kichi Luha Pijaye Otha, To Dehe Bolide Mo Deha Kala, and Mangula Kanya. His directorial contributions left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and garnered him a loyal fanbase.

The sudden demise of Trupti Biswal has left the Ollywood community and his admirers in a state of shock and grief. His creative vision and storytelling prowess will be remembered as a significant contribution to the cinematic landscape of Odisha.