Reliance adds over 2.6 lakh new hires in FY2022-23 as growth picks up

Reliance has always believed that its greatest strength is the ONE RELIANCE family that has powered its inclusive growth since the beginning.

In its annual report for financial year 2022-23, the Company said it regards its people as its most valuable asset, as Reliance Industries group added 2.62 lakh new hires in FY2022-23. Out of this, 1.8 lakh people joined in Retail, while 70.4 thousand joined Jio.

Reliance set new records in creating employment for Indians with the addition of 2,62,558 jobs across businesses. Reliance Retail is recognised as one of the largest employers in the country, with total 2,45,581 on-roll employees,’ mentioned the annual report. This took RIL’s total workforce strength to 3.89 lakh at end FY23, net of voluntary separations.

This is a third consecutive year of Reliance reporting strong jobs growth. In FY 2021-22, the company had added a record 2.32 lakh jobs across businesses. Prior to that, in FY 2020-21, notwithstanding the COVID disruption, the company had added 75,000 new jobs.

“Even in this challenging environment, Reliance added nearly 75,000 new jobs in the past year. We are committed to creating and enabling large-scale employment opportunities, which is one of India’s most urgent national tasks,” Mr Mukesh Ambani had said in his address to shareholders in RIL’s 44th AGM on June 24, 2021.

As one of India’s largest contributors to the national exchequer, Reliance’s consolidated contribution to the national exchequer crossed Rs 5 lakh crore in the three years from FY21 to FY23. The Company continues to be the largest taxpayer in India, contributing Rs 1,77,173 crore to the national exchequer by way of various direct and indirect taxes, mentioned the annual report. This was over 5% of Indian government’s budgeted expenditure for last three years.

Reliance Industries closed FY23 with record high consolidated revenues of Rs 976,524 crore, up 23.2%, and EBITDA of Rs 154,691 crore, up 23.1% Y-o-Y, with each of the O2C, Retail and Digital Services businesses posting all time high revenues.