Enhanced security measures for Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: In a strategic move to enhance the security measures for Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, a specialized anti-sabotage check team has been established, according to official sources.

This dedicated team will play a pivotal role during CM Naveen Patnaik’s public appearances.

The newly formed team will comprise two deputy commandant-rank officers, two assistant commandants, and four armed sub-inspectors, alongside other capable havildars and sepoys, said sources.

Furthermore, security measures at the CM’s residence have been significantly intensified, with a deployment of 91 personnel, inclusive of armed sub-inspectors.

This decision to bolster the security arrangements for the Chief Minister stemmed from concerns raised regarding the performance of Personal Security Officers (PSOs), particularly following the tragic murder of the state health minister, Naba Das.

In a parallel effort to enhance security infrastructure, plans are underway to establish a dedicated security training center. Additional positions have been created to facilitate this initiative.

Moreover, the security coverage for key figures such as Odisha Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and Ministers has been reevaluated. A total of 72 extra police personnel will be assigned to these roles, necessitating the creation of 203 new positions.

The Special Secretary of the Home Department, Santosh Bala, has apprised the Accountant General of Odisha regarding the Governor’s approval for strengthening the security wing under the Intelligence Directorate through the creation of these vital new positions.