Cyclone Warning Odisha Coast

Potential cyclonic storm threatens India: Early October alert

The Bay of Bengal is bracing for a potential cyclonic storm, projected by various weather models to manifest during the initial week of October. However, it’s important to note that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has not officially announced any predictions regarding this anticipated weather event.

Potential formation of a cyclonic storm

Several models suggest a low-pressure area is likely to develop over the east central Bay of Bengal around September 28, gaining momentum and potentially intensifying into a cyclone in the first week of October. Should this materialize, Odisha may witness the cyclonic storm, as several models align on the formation of a cyclonic system over the Bay of Bengal during the mentioned timeframe.

International meteorologist Jason Nicholls from AccuWeather weighed in on this possibility, stating that conditions may become conducive for a low-pressure system and potentially a cyclone to develop in the Bay of Bengal in the coming weeks.

“Conditions can become conducive for low & perhaps a cyclone to develop in the Bay of Bengal late next week or during the 1st week of October,” Jason Nicholls wrote on his X handle. 

Model predictions and IMD’s stance

Prominent models such as the ECMWF and GFS have also echoed the likelihood of a low-pressure formation and its subsequent intensification into a cyclonic storm. These models further anticipate the cyclone’s trajectory to head towards the east coast of India. Contrary to these projections, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has refrained from providing any forecasts on this matter thus far.

Earlier, IMD’s two-week forecast hinted at the possibility of cyclogenesis in the second week, spanning from September 29 to October 5, suggesting a potential weather event during this period.

‘Tej’: The Probable Cyclone’s Moniker

In the event that the system indeed escalates into a cyclone, it is slated to be named ‘Tej’ as per Indian nomenclature practices. This name has been proposed for the potential cyclonic storm.

Projected impact and precautions

Sources indicate that if the cyclonic storm materializes, it might significantly affect east India, particularly North Andhra and south Odisha regions. Heightened rainfall activity is anticipated along the west coast during the concluding days of September and the onset of October.

Given the unpredictability of weather patterns, it is imperative for residents and authorities in the mentioned regions to stay updated with the latest forecasts from credible sources and take necessary precautions to ensure safety and minimize potential damage. Keeping a keen eye on the evolving weather situation can be crucial in effectively managing and mitigating the impact of such meteorological events.