SOA researchers figure in Stanford University’s list of top 2% world scientists

Bhubaneswar: As many as 22 researchers of Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (SOA) Deemed to be University here have figured in the world ranking of top two per cent scientists for 2023 drawn up by Stanford University of USA on the basis of a subject-wise analysis conducted by it.
SOA had 16 researchers in Stanford University’s list of top two per cent scientists published in 2022 while 13 had found place in the 2021 list.
Nine of the SOA researchers have figured in the list every year since 2020. They are Prof. (Dr.) Pradipta Kishore Dash, SOA’s first Vice-Chancellor and Director (Research), Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Mahapatra, Eminent Neurosurgeon, former Vice Chancellor and presently SOA’s Principal Advisor (Health Sciences), Prof. Kulamani Parida, Prof. Lala Behari Sukla, Prof. R.N.P. Choudhary, Prof. Goutam Rath, Prof. Niharbala Devi, Dr. Manoj Kumar Nayak and Dr. Satya Ranjan Mishra.
The others who were in 2022 list and are named again this year include Prof. Rajashree Dash, Dr. Manohar Mishra, Dr. Sulagna Patnaik, Prof. Binod Kumar Sahu and Dr. Dipti Prava Sahoo.
Eight other SOA researchers have found place in the list for the first time this year. They are Prof. Renu Sharma, Prof. Saurav Panda, Dr. Subhashree Choudhury, Dr. S.K.Parida, Dr. Seshadev Sahoo, Dr. Mrutyunjay Sahani, Dr. Vinit Kumar Rai and Dr. Satyabrata Subudhi.
SOA’s Founder President Prof. (Dr.) Manojranjan Nayak congratulated the researchers on their being named in the prestigious list saying it would provide a boost to the research work being undertaken by the university.
Among those who have found place in the list this year, Prof. Kulamani Parida and Prof. Lala Behari Sukla have been working in areas of Physical Chemistry and Mining and Metallurgy respectively. Prof. R.N.P. Choudhary is from the field of Applied Physics and Prof. Niharbala Devi is currently engaged in research in the area of Mining and Metallurgy.
Prof. Rajashree Dash and Prof Binod ku Sahu and Prof SatyaRanjan Mishra are Professors while Dr. Manoj Kumar Nayak, Dr. Manohar Mishra, Dr. Seshadev Sahoo, Dr. Subhashree Choudhury and Dr. S.K. Parida are Associate Professors in the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), SOA’s faculty of engineering and technology.
Prof. Gautam Rath is presently working as Professor in the department of Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SOA’s faculty of pharmaceutical sciences.
Prof. Kulamani Parida is presently working as Distinguished Professor in Chemistry and Director of SOA’s Centre for Nano Sciences and Nano Technology. Dr. Dipti Prava Sahoo is a research scientist working at the centre.
Prof. Sukla is the Research Professor and Director of SOA’s Bio-fuel and Bio-processing Research Centre. Prof. Choudhary, who had earned his Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and was earlier head of the department of Physics at IIT, Kharagpur, is presently Professor of Physics at ITER.
Prof. Renu Sharma is a professor in Electrical Engineering at ITER while Prof. Saurav Panda is a researcher at the Institute of Dental Sciences, SOA’s faculty of dental sciences. Dr. Mrutyunjaya Sahani is the Associate Professor at SOA’s Centre for Internet of Things (CIOT). Three others– Dr. Vineet Kumar Rai, Dr. Sulagna Patnaik and Dr. Satyabrata Subudhi, also named in the list, are research scientist.
Focused highly on research, SOA has 18 research centres and 58 research labs with most of the work aligned to national priorities.