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MCL to monitor health of heavy earth moving machines

Sambalpur: Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has adopted a real-time system to monitor health of heavy earth moving machines (HEMM), aimed at maximising productivity by minimising chances of their breakdown and undue obstructions in coal mining operations.

OP Singh, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, MCL, formally opened the Real-Time Equipment Health Monitoring system, also called Unified Harmonised Dashboard, to monitor fitness of its machines deployed in the coalfields.

Appreciating MCL Innovation Cell and operational teams for their coordinated efforts to start this pilot project, the CMD said, “harnessing the power of real-time data and predictive analytics, will enable our business to transition from reactive to proactive maintenance, ultimately saving time and resources.”

Prominent among senior officers present on the occasion were Keshav Rao, Director (Personnel), P K Patel, Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), JK Borah, Director (Technical/Operations), AK Behura, Director (Finance) and A S Bapat, Director (Technical/Projects & Planning).

Embarking on a new era in equipment diagnostics and operational efficiency, MCL has collaborated with Ahmedabad-based MSME M/s UCTL Pvt Ltd and become the first Coal India subsidiary to adopt equipment health monitoring system, which provides real-time insights, predict equipment failures and enhance overall performance.

With the help of this equipment health monitoring system, the company envisages to optimum utilisation and minimum breakdown of HEMMs, thus helping in reducing carbon footprints of coal mining operations by reducing energy consumption and lowering emissions.

Gaining the ability to detect anomalies and predict failures before they occur, MCL intends to address unwarranted maintenance needs and ensure optimal performance and longevity of HEMM deployed in coal mining operations.

Initially, entire fleet of surface miners – the most environment-friendly coal mining machine – has been brought under the monitoring system, while process is underway to bring remaining HEMMs under system in phase manner.