AIIMS Bhubaneswar conducts successful trial of drones in healthcare services

Bhubaneswar: AIIMS Bhubaneswar on Tuesday conducted a successful experimental trial of utilising drones to provide superior healthcare services in Odisha. The Drone completed the successful journey of 120 kms from AIIMS Bhubaneswar to CHC Tangi in just 1.10 hours, carrying the essential blood supplies weighing around 2kg, without encountering any operational issues.  

The trial was conducted in the presence of AIIMS Bhubaneswar Executive Director Dr. Ashutosh Biswas. Speaking over it, Dr. Biswas reiterated the commitment of the national institute to develop a model to integrate the technology into the healthcare system as a supplement to existing logistics methods and suggest ways for the long-term sustainability of drone-based delivery of medical supplies.

Induction of drone delivery can boost the healthcare services in rural, tribal, and semi-urban locations. These drones can carry multiple health products including vaccines, essential drugs and diagnostic samples. AIIMS Bhubaneswar, as a leading tertiary healthcare provider has created this opportunity for the people of Odisha, added Dr. Biswas.

Drone service can play a pivotal role during any natural disasters, overcoming geographical barriers and ensuring timely delivery of critical medical supplies to remote areas like emergency medicine, blood samples, blood products, etc.

On Tuesday, the drone used for the trail services has the capacity to carry upto 5kgs and can travel upto 160kms. This is according to an initiative by the PMSSY under MoHFW to enhance the accessibility of healthcare services for people residing in difficult to reach areas like; remote geographical terrains or flooded areas.

Among others Dr. Sonu H Subba, Dr. Priyamadhaba Behera, Dr. Abhishek Mishra, Dr. Satyaprakash, Dr. Anshuman Sahu, DDA(I/c)) Rasmiranjan Sethy were also present during the trial.