Congress launches online portal for ticket distribution in Odisha elections

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to foster transparency and inclusivity in the electoral process, the Congress party unveiled an online portal for aspiring candidates to apply for tickets in the upcoming Lok Sabha and assembly elections in Odisha.

AICC Odisha in-charge Ajoy Kumar inaugurated the portal, named ‘,’ during a ceremony at Congress Bhavan, attended by prominent leaders including former state president Prasad Harichandan.

The newly launched portal allows interested individuals to submit their details, including phone numbers, Voter IDs, and email addresses. Aspiring candidates will also need to specify the constituencies they wish to contest.

This move towards online applications comes in response to previous allegations of ticket selling within the party during the last couple of elections.

Addressing the media, Ajoy Kumar criticized the existing system under the BJP government, asserting that only influential individuals had the opportunity to participate in elections, leaving the common man marginalized. He emphasized that the Congress has embraced the online portal to facilitate the entry of dedicated individuals who aspire to contribute to society through politics.

Kumar stated, “There will be no discrimination in the distribution of tickets through the portal. It does not matter whether you have money or not, whether you are a man or woman, or belong to which caste and religion… everyone will be treated equally. A transparent system has been adopted for this purpose.”

This move is a clear indication of the Congress party’s commitment to creating a level playing field for all aspirants.

The online portal is open for applications from February 4 to February 11, providing a one-week window for interested candidates to submit their details. This inclusive approach extends to sitting MLAs and MPs, who are also required to apply through the portal if they seek party tickets for the upcoming elections.

By leveraging technology to streamline the candidate selection process, the Congress party aims to eradicate allegations of favoritism and ensure that merit and dedication to public service become the primary criteria for securing party tickets. The launch of ‘’ marks a significant step towards a more transparent and accessible electoral system in Odisha, fostering a democratic environment where every eligible individual has an equal chance to participate in the political process.