Kalyani Steels signs MoU for Aerospace Components Manufacturing in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Kalyani Steels Limited (KSL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Odisha for the establishment of Titanium Metal & Aerospace Components Manufacturing and Integrated Advanced Specialty Steel and Automotive Components Manufacturing Complex in Odisha.

This strategic partnership aims to set up a comprehensive manufacturing complex at Gajamara, Dhenkanal, highlighting KSL’s foray into the state amidst keen interest from various regions.
This groundbreaking initiative, with an investment of Rs. 11,750 Crores is set to generate over
10,000 jobs, significantly bolstering employment in Odisha. The Odisha Government’s tailored
incentive package for this project underscores its dedication to industrial innovation and growth,
aiming to elevate the state’s position in key manufacturing sectors.

This venture is anticipated to not only enrich Odisha’s industrial domain but also enhance India’s manufacturing prowess on a
global scale.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, expressed
enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting its alignment with the state’s vision to harness
opportunities in emerging sectors for high-skill job creation.

He said, “By welcoming Kalyani Steel’s
project, including a Titanium Metal and Alloy Mill, an Aerospace Components Facility, and an
Integrated Automotive Component Unit, Odisha marks its grand entry into a highly advanced and
precision manufacturing sector. With an investment of Rs. 11,751 Crores, this venture is set to revolutionize our industrial landscape, providing over 10,000 job opportunities in highly skill-oriented trades. This project is a perfect match for our aspirations for creating an ecosystem conducive to new-age industries.”
He further added, “This project will also catalyze the growth of MSMEs, spurring the development
of a vibrant ecosystem of ancillary industries and OEM suppliers, providing many more employment opportunities. Therefore, this project is a perfect match for our aspirations for creating
an ecosystem conducive to new-age industries.”

On skill development, the Chief Minister added, “Kalyani Steel’s commitment to skill
development will definitely ensure broad-based benefits, elevating local workforce capabilities in
advanced manufacturing sectors like metal downstream, automotive, and defence manufacturing.”
Amit Kalyani, Director, Kalyani Steels Limited, and Joint MD, Bharat Forge underscored the project’s significance as a milestone in their long-standing relationship with Odisha, promising mutual growth and prosperity.

He added, “By starting our operations in Odisha’s dynamic environment, we strive to establish a mutually beneficial connection, promoting both development and innovation, while creating a wealth of opportunities for high-skill employment. This reflects our strong belief in the potential of Odisha and our commitment to positively influence its economic framework.”
This partnership between Kalyani Steel and the Government of Odisha marks a significant
milestone, positioning the state as a leading destination for innovative and sustainable industrial projects.
The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik;
Pratap Keshari Dev, Minister Industries; V K. Pandian, Charmain 5T Initiatives; Amit
Kalyani, Director, Kalyani Steels Limited, and Joint MD, Bharat Forge; Seniors Officers of Govt of
Odisha; representatives of leading industry associations, technical and professional educational institutions.