Nadda urges Odisha voters: Choose native leadership, reject outside influence 

Berhampur: The BJP’s national president, JP Nadda, commenced the party’s campaign for both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Odisha with a call to voters to oust the allegedly ‘corrupt’ BJD government and elect a native leader to helm the state.

Launching a blistering critique against the BJD government, Nadda asserted the urgency of replacing it. Speaking at BJP’s ‘Vijay Sankalpa Samabesha’ in Berhampur, he denounced attempts to impose a non-Odia leader on the electorate post the upcoming Assembly elections.

Expressing concern, he questioned the absence of indigenous leadership in a state renowned for its cultural and historical heritage.

Nadda asked, “Does Odisha not have a leader of its own to take over the administration? Is there no son of soil who can lead the state which is known for its rich history and culture?”

Promising to thwart such schemes, Nadda implored the public to vote for the BJP to thwart the covert designs of the ruling BJD.

 He highlighted instances of corruption, scandals, and stagnant development under the BJD’s tenure, urging voters to dismantle the incumbent government by supporting his party.

Characterizing this election as pivotal for Odisha’s progress, Nadda lamented the state’s alleged stagnation under the BJD’s rule. He beseeched voters to empower the BJP at both the national and state levels, framing the election as a crucial step towards realizing India’s developmental aspirations.

Enumerating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s transformative initiatives, Nadda projected India’s ascension to the rank of the world’s third-largest economy under Modi’s continued leadership.

He lamented the non-implementation of Ayushman Bharat Yojana in Odisha, stressing the imperative of replacing the current government to ensure the scheme’s benefits reach the populace.