PM Modi launches blistering attack on BJD, promises ‘double-engine’ governance for Odisha

Kandhamal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Odisha during a rally on Saturday, urging voters to reject the “corrupt” Naveen Patnaik-led state government.

Addressing a crowd in Kandhamal, PM Modi emphasized the need for a “double-engine government” in Odisha, urging citizens to support all 21 BJP candidates for Lok Sabha and Assembly seats to achieve a prosperous Bharat and Odisha.

He promised to transform the given five years of BJP governance.

“Your one vote will bring a double-engine government in Odisha for the first time. Every single vote of yours is required for a Viksit Bharat and a Viksit Odisha. For this, you will have to elect all the 21 BJP candidates for Lok Sabha and elect BJP’s candidates for Assembly seats,” said Modi.

PM Modi urged the people of Odisha to give the BJP five years, and he assured to make the state the number one in the country.

Asserting his commitment to Odisha’s development, PM Modi extended an invitation to witness the swearing-in of a BJP chief minister on June 10 in Bhubaneswar, emphasizing the party’s dedication to appointing a leader deeply rooted in Odia culture.

PM Modi also scrutinized the BJD’s handling of the Ratna Bhandar issue at the Jagannath Temple in Puri, highlighting the mysterious disappearance of the keys for six years. He questioned the necessity of duplicate keys and the government’s failure to disclose the findings of the Commission investigating the matter.

Taking aim at CM Naveen Patnaik’s alleged lack of local knowledge, PM Modi challenged him to name districts without notes, questioning his ability to empathize with citizens’ hardships.

Drawing a comparison between Gujarat and Odisha’s economic progress despite differing resources, PM Modi lamented Odisha’s untapped potential and urged voters to reclaim their state’s prosperity and identity.

PM Modi criticized the BJD’s governance model, accusing it of being “outsourced” and controlled by a “Super CM” overshadowing elected representatives.

His remarks came during a rigorous campaign tour across Kandhamal, Bolangir, and Bargarh Parliamentary constituencies ahead of simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Odisha from May 13 to June 1.