PM Modi at Baripada

PM Modi claims “conspiracy” over Naveen Patnaik’s health

Baripada: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday raised the issue of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s health at an election rally in the state.

Modi also promised that if the BJP formed the government in Odisha, it would constitute a committee to ascertain the reason behind the “sudden” deterioration of the health condition of the Chief Minister.

 The PM hinted at a “conspiracy” behind it.

“These days, all of Naveen Babu’s well-wishers are very worried. They are very troubled to see how Naveen Babu’s health has deteriorated so much in the past year,” Modi said.

“Is there a conspiracy behind the sudden deterioration of Naveen Patnaik’s health? Is the lobby that is currently running the Patnaik government on his behalf responsible for the sudden deterioration of his health condition?” he asked.

“If the BJP forms the government in Odisha after the ongoing assembly elections, it would constitute a committee to ascertain the reason behind the deterioration of Patnaik’s health,” Modi said.

The prime minister’s remarks came days after a video showed Patnaik’s hand shaking as he was delivering a speech. BJD leader V K Pandian, who is considered close to Patnaik, put his trembling hand away from the camera.

In an apparent reference to V K Pandian, who hails from Tamil Nadu and is considered close to Patnaik, said, “Entire Odisha wants an Odia chief minister.”

“People of Odisha have decided to put a full stop to the 25-year rule of the BJD in the state,” he said.

Meanwhile, Naveen Patnaik asked the people, especially the women and youth, to give a befitting reply on June 1 to those who are attacking him at the personal level.

“It’s really sad that political leaders from outside are coming here & attacking me at personal level. They are using derogatory language & hurtful statements. You know very well that I never disrespect anyone or make hurtful statements against anyone. I’m sure all of you especially the women & youth will give a befitting reply to them on 1st June during voting”, said the CM.