Poland’s theatre group enacts ‘nude scene’, Odisha govt seeks report from NSD

BHUBANESWAR: Taking strong note of the alleged nude scenes enacted by a troupe from National School of Drama (NSD) at Ravindra Mandap here, Odisha Tourism and Culture Minister Ashok Panda on Saturday said NSD would be served a notice to furnish a report on the matter.

Drama lovers, who were witnessing a play, ‘Sonaka’, at Rabindra Mandap here on Friday evening, found themselves in an awkward situation as a lady actress took off her dress till her waist to portray the character she was playing.

The contentious drama was showcased as part of the ongoing International Theatre Festival. The drama was being enacted by a Poland-based theatre group Alexander Jiereko.

“The act could have been presented in a suggestive manner instead of resorting to nudity. A report will be sought from the NSD authorities over the incident,” said Panda.

“Odia culture doesn’t allow any nudity. There has to be a degree of restraint in showcasing such work and to breach that is against our culture. There are other non-explicit ways of portraying such subjects,” he added.

What pained audience that most of them were with their children as it was a holiday, Saraswati Puja. The authorities had not also given any warning or put restrictions on children to witness the drama.

While many of the audience left the hall midway, some others raised objections and wanted to know what circumstances the drama (with a nude scene) was allowed to be staged.