Lulu Fires Fresh Salvo At Dasburma

BHUBANESWAR: Senior Congress leader Lalatendu Bidyadhar (Lulu) Mohapatra on Sunday brought fresh allegations against Minister Sanjay Dasburma for his alleged involvement in the chit fund scam.Sanjay Dasburma with chit fund tainted man

Lulu showed a photograph of Dasburma with a chit fund scam accused, who is presently lodged at Jharpada jail.

He also alleged that the chit fund companies have heavily funded ruling BJD during 2014 elections.

Reacting to the allegations, BJD spokesperson Amar Satapathy said Lulu is levelling allegations without any substantial evidence. He said the Congress leader is only trying to be in limelight by levelling such allegations.

On Saturday, BJP had attacked the minister saying that he owns 12 big companies in just 13 years. The party also sought an inquiry how Dasburma became a man of crores within a short period.