Odisha Govt Plans Land Leasing Act Benefiting Sharecroppers

BHUBANESWAR:  The Odisha government is in the process to bring in a Land Leasing Act to safeguard the interest of sharecroppers, said revenue minister Bijayshree Routray on Monday.

He said the proposed Act would provide recognition to sharecroppers cultivating the agricultural land on lease and enable them to access loans through credit institutions, insurance, disaster relief and other support services provided by the government.

Odisha Govt Plans Land Leasing Act Benefiting Sharecroppers
Image: csisa.org

He said it would also protect the land rights of the owners.

“We are proposing to bring in Odisha Land Leasing Act to benefit the sharecroppers. Under the Act, sharecroppers, who are not getting any government assistances, would avail all the government benefits including compensation during natural calamities and a loan from credit institutions,” said the Revenue Minister.

An inter-ministerial meeting comprised of Cooperation Minister, Law and Panchayati Raj Minister, Agriculture Minister and Revenue Minister was held on Monday to discuss the promulgation of the new Act.

He said suggestions would be invited from farmers and sharecroppers through Tehsildar within 3 weeks for preparing a draft report.

According to sources, the act would enable that terms and conditions of lease would be determined mutually by the landowner and the tenant (sharecropper) without any fear on the part of the landowner of losing land right or undue expectation on the part of the tenant of acquiring occupancy right for continuous possession of leased land for any fixed period.