Italian Couple Adopts Odisha Girl Monali Priyadarshini

Italian Couple Adopts Odisha Girl Monali Priyadarshini

BHUBANESWAR: The Khurda district court has granted adoption of a nine-year-old Indian girl to an Italian couple who had sought to adopt the girl.

 Pippia Fabio (48) and his wife Di Renzo Daniela (42), residents of 42045 Luzzara (RE), Villasuperiore in Italy had approached the court seeking adoption of the girl, born 0n December 5, 2007. Baby Monali Priyadarshini has been in the custody of Subhadra Mahtab Seva Sadan (SMSS), an adoption agency recognised by the state government. The couple had approached the international adoption agency LA Primogenita International Adoption, in Italy for an Indian baby’s adoption.

The agency got in touch with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) in India at the request of the couple. CARA has sent the couple’s application to SMSS that selected Monali for adoption.

The petitioners told the court Monali would become their legitimate child with all rights and privileges as their biological child in Italy would have received in accordance with Hague Convention. After verifying the adoption documents, the couple’s marriage and property certificate and their medical reports, the court granted Monali’s adoption to the couple.