Nayagarh Contractor Found Dead, Murder Suspected

NAYAGARH: Dead body of a civil contractor Jitendra Pradhan (alias Bapuni), 30 yrs of age, was found in a well, here on Friday, 20 meters from NH-56, in Nuagaon of Nayagarh district.

Villagers informed the police after seeing a body fallen in the well, around 6.30 in the morning, here on Friday. Police rushed to the place of incident and recovered the body.

The deceased, identified to be Jitendra Pradhan, was the only son of Sankarshan Pradhan, who is also a civil contractor, of Nuagaon village.

“Injuries have been found on the back of the head of the deceased. We have sent him for postmortem to the Nayagarh district hospital”, a police official said.

Police suspected Jitendra might have been murdered due to quarrel in business as both Jitendra and his father Sankarshan were contractors. Some suspected it might have happened due to some political issue. Police said they would look closely into the matter before confirming anything.

Jitendra’s motorbike, an Apache RTR 160, was found parked on the NH. Jitendra used to hang out with friends in that area.

Villagers said that the deceased was regularly seen in the area of the incident, partying and drinking alcohol with friends.

It is also suspected that he might have fallen into the well, after too drunk.

Everything would be clear once the postmortem reports came, and more evidence came out, said police.