Gangadhar Meher Bunakar Pension Yojana

Odisha Govt To Launch Gangadhar Meher Bunakar Pension Yojana

BHUBANESWAR: The Odisha government is all set to launch a new scheme ‘Gangadhar Meher Bunakar Pension Yojana’ for handloom weavers of the state on attaining 60 years of age.

The scheme would be launched from the current financial year. It would be launched on August 7, the 2nd National Handloom Day, said an official on Saturday.

The government has decided to provide Rs 500 to the beneficiaries under the pension scheme.

“Initially a fund of Rs 1 crore may be re-appropriated for implementation of the scheme from CDP (state share) for which Rs 4.42 crore has been provisioned in the current year’s budget,” said the official.

Weavers including ancillary workers will be covered under this old age pension scheme  Gangadhar Meher Bunakar Pension Yojana.

According to the official, the beneficiary must have worked at least preceding 20 years in the weaving profession or a widow of a person, who has been in the profession for 20 years.

The family income of the person must not exceed Rs 48,000 per annum, and he/she should have weavers identity card issued by the state and union governments.

The government expects that about 8000 beneficiaries would be covered under the scheme for which an annual expenditure of Rs 5 core may be incurred from state plan.