Durga puja celebrations

Auto-rickshaws Fleecing People In Durga Puja!

Bhubaneswar: With thousands of people flocking to various pandals to enjoy Durga Puja festivity, the auto drivers in the capital city have started to overcharge customers.

People are paying fares much higher than the actual amount to travel across the city and visit different mandapas. Since police have requested people to avoid personal vehicles to avoid traffic congestion during the puja, the pandal hoppers are coming in the auto-rickshaws.

But, the monopolistic attitude of auto drivers has become an annoying and unpleasant experience for them.

“They are demanding much more than the actual fare. It is wrong but we have to pay them or else how will we go to different puja pandals,” said Ranjan Swain, a resident of Chandrasekharpur.

However, auto drivers justify the fare hike pointing towards the huge rush. They claim that autos consume extra fuel as they have to drive very slowly in the heavy traffic.

“There is heavy traffic all over the city. There are congestions everywhere and the vehicles move very slowly. So, it consumes more fuel and that is why we are charging extra money,” said an auto driver Mansa Nayak.

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