Harsh Vardhan Asks Scientists To Think Out Of Box

Bhubaneswar: Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Friday called upon the young scientists to think out-of-box while doing innovation work in research laboratories.

Their work should not be limited and remain closed in the four walls of laboratories instead of percolating down to the common man, said the minister while addressing a press meet at the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, Bhubaneswar.

The minister said better coordination among the CSIR- Laboratories is needed to avoid duplication of R&D work elsewhere in the country. He laid more stress on “R&D Vision for Future”.

Harsh Vardhan urged the scientists to complete the R&D projects in a time-bound manner as the govt of the day does not like any delay in fructifying the research related knowledge.

Why India will not do better in fundamental research field than China, Russia, and European countries, he asked.

He said innovations should be cost-effective and better Lab-Industry synergy is required.

The minister said that a project is being launched to extract metal nodules from 2 kilometers beneath the ocean bed.

He said a pilot plant for pelletization of iron ore is a major initiative undertaken by IMMT, Bhubaneswar.

“China is the only country who has honed this technology. Our success can save a lot of foreign exchange in terms of import,” said Vardhan.

However, the Union Minister said, the country needs many more patents from research laboratories to show the world that the country’s innovation is second to none.

More and more young talents should be given opportunity in the field of innovation, he added.

“Now many young and experienced scientists working abroad are returning to our country. Around 250 scientists have come back to join R&D field in their motherland. A new scholarship has been introduced to attract young talents to do fundamental research in India,” said the minister.

He said the Government of India is doing more research to effectively eradicate Japanese Encephalitis and it is providing more support to Odisha government in controlling the JE in endemic areas of the state.

Doppler Radars are installed on a priority basis in the cyclone-prone areas and no project work is lagging behind in the state, he added.

Earlier, he visited the mineral processing pilot plant and laid the foundation stone for another pilot plant for Pelletization of Iron Ore in IMMT Campus. He also visited the Institute of Life Sciences and interacted with the scientists.

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