Odisha, West Bengal Border Dispute Stalls Development Work

Balasore: Once again border dispute emerged between Odisha and West Bengal when a construction was undertaken in Udaipur in Bhograi block of Balasore district.

It is alleged that the officials of West Bengal not only uprooted a concrete poll, they also asked their Odisha counterparts to stall the work alleging that the constructions were made in the former land.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening.

Following receipt of the report, Balasore district collector Pramod Das on Wednesday sent an official team and have discussions with the Bengal counterparts.

“The constructions were made within our boundary jurisdiction . A soak pit was made for a toilet  in the place which was objected by the Bengal officials . The issue would be settled amicably,” said Das.

While the construction was in progress, the Bengal officials including local BDO, police, and forest personnel reaching the spot asked to stop the construction activities. It is alleged that they not only broke a concrete poll, they also filled the pit which was drilled.

They said that no construction could be made within 500 meters from the sea coast.

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