IIIT-Bhubaneswar to do security audit of e-governance initiatives in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has decided that International Institute of Information Technology ( IIIT), Bhubaneswar will do the security audit of all e-governance initiatives taken by the state.

This was discussed in the Board of Governors Meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi here.

Chief Secretary asked the IIIT Director Prof Gopal Krishna Nayak and faculty members to focus on quality improvement in the institute.

Padhi asked them to improve the quality of teaching table, find more qualitative jobs for pass-outs, enhance research and innovation activities, improve the hostel infrastructure and quality of food served to the students in hostels.

IT secretary Pradeep Kumar Jena advised the institute to enhance project and research activities in partnership with the industries and international funding agencies.

It was decided in the meeting that IIIT, Bhubaneswar would carry forward the finishing school to connect the B. Tech students from various colleges with prospective employers through training and assessment processes.

Chief Secretary directed the institute to be in touch with the placement officers of various technical colleges.

It was decided that a meeting of the finishing school would be held involving the placement officers of various B. Tech colleges and potential employer industries.

It was further decided to scale up innovative and incubation activities in the institute. An image and video lab would be established to facilitate research in image, communication, processing, analysis and visualization. The approximate cost was estimated at Rs 21 lakhs.

It was also decided to set up Fiber Optics Lab with an estimate of Rs. 8 lakhs. This lab would facilitate research in design and analysis of communication system and its performance improvement.

Apart from that, the institute would have one RF Communication Lab with an estimated cost of Rs.6 lakhs to facilitate research in modeling of high-frequency RF systems.

Available data shows the institute has fastened infrastructure development activities. The construction of new training center, single room hostel and faculty housing has been taken up on full swing. Chief Secretary directed them to reduce the implementation timeline and complete the construction works before August-2017.

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