Animal killing at Sulia jatra to take place this year too

Bolangir: Preparations are in full swing for Sulia Jatra scheduled to be held on January 3 next year.

It would be observed on first Tuesday of Hindu calendar month of Pausha at Khairguda of Deogan Block in Bolangir district.

The worshipping of Sulia Budha at the top of Sulia Dangar ( small mountain) has been going on since more than hundred years ago, said secretary of Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangha Niranjan Bisi.

Every year, hundreds of animals and birds are sacrificed during the Sulia Jatra by the tribals. The non-tribals also offer animals as their “wishes” are fulfilled due to Sulia Budha blessings, he said.

However, the district administration is trying to persuade the tribals to stop the killing of animals.

“We are observing our festivals and following our traditional rituals. Animal killings have been going on at this place since more than hundred years. Why would others interfere in the tribal rights and customs?” asked the secretary of Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangha Niranjan Bisi.

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