Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus

Dream big, begin from small: Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus

Bhubaneswar: To get success students should think big but start small work, said Prof Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Chairman of Grameen Bank and Yunus Centre, Bangladesh.

Noble Peace Prize winner Prof. Yunus visited KISS and KIIT on Monday.

Addressing 25,000 tribal students of KISS, he said, “Make up your mind, think big and begin work from small. Problems are always in life. Don’t be bothered and try to solve these problems. You can change; you are the pilot of change. We can create the world that we want.”

“If you want your world, you can create. The whole world is full of your age. So, dream big things and begin from small to achieve your dream,” he added.

Speaking on the Grameen Bank, he said Grameen Bank began work with very small schemes for poorest of the poor and illiterate women of rural Bangladesh.

Now the number of empowered women has reached one crore through this bank, said the Noble Laureate.

“Education should provide to the students in such a way that they should not be employment seeker, but employment giver. The young boys and girl should be given the education to be an entrepreneur, he added.

Among others, Dr. Achyuta Samnata, Founder of KIIT & KISS; R. N. Dash, Secretary; Dr. P. K. Routary, CEO, KISS were present.

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