Odisha is victim of central neglect in Polavaram, Mahanadi issue: Naveen

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday said Odisha has been a victim of central neglect and conspiracy in Polavaram and Mahanadi issue.

“As you know the rivers, especially the Mahanadi, are the lifelines of Odisha.  But Odisha has repeatedly denied of its rights on the rivers flowing through it.  Both in Pollavaram and Mahanadi, we have been a victim of central neglect and conspiracy,” said the Chief Minister while addressing the BJD Legal Front here.

“But all of you know that we are determined to fight this issue at every level till we achieve the desired results,” said Patnaik.

He cited another important example of central neglect that is the denial of the fund for KBK region.

Tribal students are also facing problem in getting the central scholarship in higher education due to the indifferent attitude of the Government of India, said the Chief Minister.

He urged the legal luminaries of the state to strengthen the fight of the party on this issue.

He said Odisha under the BJD Government is one among the few states of the country which has taken a number of initiatives to strengthen the Panchayati Raj System.

“The primary objective of our party is to ensure a sustainable development mechanism with the support and participation of people.  I hope the Legal Front will contribute to this process in achieving our goal,” he added.

Describing the lawyers as the torch-bearers of society, he said they can contribute to social development by ensuring access to justice for the poor and the marginalized.

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