Master System Integrator for Bhubaneswar Smart City

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has planned to develop a Master System Integrator for Bhubaneswar Smart city.

This would provide IT enabled integrated services for traffic, transit, parking, emergency, event and disaster response services on one platform.

The system will also facilitate watch and surveillance activities. It can be integrated to a mobile app, said an official on Friday.

This was discussed at a high-level meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi here.

The cost of the project has been estimated at Rs.350 cr. This would include the supply of materials, their installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance for 7 years. Target has been set to complete the project within 24 months of the date of award of the work.

Considering various technical and administrative dimensions of the proposal, the Chief Secretary directed to develop the system in a comprehensive manner so that it can deliver the services at real time basis.

Various dimensions of the Tender document were also deliberated in the meeting.

Padhi asked them to design the software and develop the necessary infrastructure in consultation with police commissionerate, other service providing departments and agencies and make it compliant to their requirements.

It was decided to finalize the document and put it to bidding within 2 months.

Development Commissioner R. Balakrishnan advised that the system should be customized to receive calls coming through different modes like normal phone call, whatsapp, e-mail, social media etc.

BDA Vice Chairman Kishan Kumar appraised that the system would have revenue generating facilities so as to make it self-sustaining.

Available data show, the Master System Integrator will have one Pan city Intelligent City operation & Management System Center (ICOMC). The major components of the system includes traffic management system, emergency response system, incident management, smart tracking of transit & Transport services, parking management and common payment card system etc.

It will have the service applications like e-chalan, grievance redressal and citizen interface. A citizen in need of any of these services can ask for it through the call taker and track their availability though GIS enabled platform.

Under the system there would be one common call center to which a citizen can connect through various modes. The call taker would immediately connect the citizen with the concerned service providing agency who will deliver the service on real time basis.

Presently, around 40 police vehicles, 33 PCR vans, 20 fire service trucks, 200 BPTSL buses, 200 ambulances both govt and pvt, 150 solid waste vehicles and 20 water tankers are operating within the city area for various services. All these will be integrated with the system.

New e-governance services will also be integrated with it in various phases. Around 850 fixed cameras, 150 PTZ cameras and 200 emergency digital call kiosks will be set up throughout the smart city for smart response.