NALCO Corporate Plan

Nalco releases corporate plan for 2032

Bhubaneswar: The Corporate Plan (2017-2032) of National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) was released by Arun Kumar, Mines secretary at New Delhi on Monday.

It NALCO Corporate Plan was released in presence of its CMD Tapan Kumar Chand and other mines department officials.

With the release of Corporate Plan, Arun Kumar appreciated the efforts of NALCO in formulating the plan that provides a strategic way forward for the company up to 2032.

Worth mentioning that the long-term corporate plan for the leading Aluminium & Alumina manufacturer of the country, has been prepared by top consultant M/s KPMG, to position NALCO in a growth trajectory taking into account emerging market conditions and evolving global scenarios.

It may be noted that the Corporate Plan has been developed as per the guidelines of NITI Aayog, envisaging 3 years action plan, 7 years strategy and 15 years vision to have progressive growth of the company.

This also includes a forward-looking new vision, mission and values of the company which will give a direction to the company assuring steady growth, minimizing the price volatility of commodities while ensuring profitability.

The new plan envisages NALCO to reach a turnover of Rs. 18,171 crore with PAT of Rs. 1,693 crore by 2024 with enhancement of the smelting capacity to 1.1 million tons & refining capacity to 3.27 million tons.

The long-term strategy foresees the company to reach a turnover of Rs.31,248 crore and a PAT of Rs.3,010 crore by 2032.

The corporate plan also envisages backward integration to CT Pitch & Caustic Soda; forward integration to Extrusion, Foils & Castings; expanding value addition capacities in Wire rods & Rolled Products; diversifying into commercial mining in Bauxite & Chromite, Conductors & Lithium-Ion batteries.