5th IHCNF international biennial conference to be held in Bhubaneswar

5th IHCNF international biennial conference to be held in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Fifth International Biennial Conference on ‘Role of Culture and Heritage in Urban Sustainability’ will be held in Bhubaneswar from February 2-4.

The 5th IHCNF international biennial conference is jointly organised by the Government of Odisha, Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation (IHCNF) and UNESCO, New Delhi.

The City of Bhubaneshwar known for its unique cultural identity and heritage has come forward to host from 2nd-4th February at Infosys Campus, Infocity.

The event is being organised in association with Bhubaneswar Development Authority, Odisha Tourism, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Culture, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and KIIT University.

With the influence of urban development on the heritage and meaningful planning complementing each other with sustainable co-habitation, this conference is of immense importance as planners, artists, international heritage conservation experts, performers and people from various walks of life are going to take part in the three-day conference.

There will be a special Heritage Dialogue Series comprising Round Table discussion with focus on Odisha. The delegates are also scheduled to take part in a special Ekamra Walks covering the rich Kalingan temple architecture in Old City area.

5th IHCNF international biennial conference would highlight the linkages between culture, heritage and traditions with the development issues of cities in India and around the world.

Besides, it would highlight the recognition of heritage as an asset- tangible, intangible and living heritage for socio economic development, preserving the urban identity and environment, attracting activities and visitors as demonstrated in schemes launched in the recent past by the government.

The other objective of the event is to exchange knowledge and experiences and recent advancements made by cities to harness their heritage assets for sustainable development.

The event will encourage building partnerships between cities, institutions as well as professionals for mutual benefit and sharing of experience in the field of Culture and Heritage based sustainable urban development.

This international conference on the theme of ‘Role of Culture & Heritage in Urban sustainability’ is meant to highlight the role of culture and heritage in realizing sustainable urban development.

5th IHCNF international biennial conference will explore themes relevant to current trends and concerns addressing heritage in India’s urban scenario as well as around the world.