Smart file management system: BSCL starts E-Office pilot project

Smart file management system: BSCL starts E-Office pilot project

Bhubaneswar: In another way towards smart office management, Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has announced the successful pilot project of E-Office.

BSCL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) R. Vineel Krishna inaugurated the E-Office at BSCL office in Bhubaneswar recently.

As a mark to commemorate the occasion, few files movement were also done in the E-Office as part of the Go-Live process.

E-Office completely automates file and correspondence (DAK) movement from creation to archival of files and correspondence. All decisions can be captured in the file itself and remain intact throughout the lifetime of the file.

The e-office implemented will provide paperless office and reduced manual handoffs will lead to higher efficiency in administration.

As the conventional files consume papers and indirectly consume the plant, this E-Office initiative will be a green initiative as it would help in conserving natural ecosystem.

Leveraging mobility, correspondences are made more accessible, and officials are empowered to enhance efficiency. This, in a way, would always ensure faster movement of the files as the system could be monitored and the brakes could be addressed and guided to ensure the smooth move.

Streamlining of processes across departments/ agencies will reduce the time taken to move files from department to department. Ultimately E-Office will result in better inter-departmental coordination and cooperation.