Vision of patient from Uttar Pradesh restored at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

Vision of patient from Uttar Pradesh restored at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

Bhubaneswar: 35-year-old Pradip Singh, from Uttar Pradesh today is all geared up to return to his job as his eyesight has been restored by doctors at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Bhubaneswar.

Pradip had lost the vision in his left eye due to an untreated corneal infection, making him dependent on one eye for the last one and half years. Doctors had helped him regain his vision by performing a complex 3 stage advanced eye surgery.

Hailing from Etwah in Uttar Pradesh, Pradip Singh was leading a normal life. He was working in a private company in Delhi. However, life took an unfortunate turn when he developed an eye infection in his left eye one and half years ago. Owing to his lack of knowledge, he had left the condition unattended and it started affecting his sight. It reached a stage wherein his left eye had completely lost vision. This condition started affecting his work life. Eventually, he had quit his job and return to his native.

While he tried many a treatment modalities at his hometown, his condition did not witness an improvement. Rather it was deteriorating restricting the young man’s movement to his house. However, they did not lose hope and kept their search open for quality treatment.

The search for the cure led Pradip and family to Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Bhubaneswar, around 1,200 km away from his hometown.

As the further delay in treatment will reduce the youngster’s chances of regaining vision, Dr Binita Gandhi, Consultant, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital and the team took up the case immediately. The damage caused due to infection was severe, the team suggested an advanced 3 stage surgery which included a corneal transplant, vitrectomy and fixing of the lens through an innovative procedure called Glued IOL (a Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital invention). Today he has not only got his sight back, he is preparing to begin a new life.

Elaborating about the treatment, Dr Binita Gandhi said, “In Pradip’s case traditional treatments would not have helped as the infection has been ageing for more than one and half years. Firstly, we addressed his corneal damage. We removed all the layers of the scarred cornea and performed a corneal transplantation. The procedure was followed by a vitrectomy. Further, as the infection and the result ulcer had damaged his eye structure leaving no support to put the IOL, we fixed his IOL through a unique technique called “Glued IOL” Glued IOL is an innovative treatment modality invented by Prof. Amar Agarwal, Chairman & MD, Dr Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospital.”

Glued IOL is an innovative technique that involves fixing an Intra-ocular lens (IOL) into the eye using biological (fibrin) glue.

“The biggest advantage of this multi-stage procedure is that it not only enables faster and better recovery,” added Dr Binita.

Sharing his joy of getting his vision back, Pradip said, “Until I met the doctors at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital I thought I will have to manage the rest of my life with one eye. Apart from offering me the best possible treatment, the doctors were kind enough to explain the condition and treatment in detail which helped me in dealing with my anxieties.”