Jio Digital Yatra begins from Rayagada

Bhubaneswar: After ushering a digital revolution transforming millions of lives with Jio Digital Life and redefining the way people communicate, Jio, India’s fastest growing digital service provider has commenced awareness cum digital literacy campaign in the tribal-dominated Rayagada district of Odisha.

As part of the campaign titled ‘Jio Digital Yatra’, the villagers, especially farmers and students in five blocks of Rayagada district will be made aware of the various usage of digital services for a better living while empowering them with useful digital information in their everyday life.

Besides, this drive is expected to help the villagers to learn about safe practices in healthcare and sanitation, by demonstrating and showcasing best practices available on the internet in these fields.

A specially designed vehicle for this ‘Jio Digital Yatra’ campaign has been flagged off today by Guha Poonam Tapas Kumar, Rayagada Collector and Vigilance Inspector Sujata Bag from in-front of the DRDA office, Rayagada.

The nearly 10 days long campaign will be covering nine villages in four blocks of Rayagada district including Kolnara, Muniguda, Gudari and Padampur.

The campaign is aimed at helping the villagers in this remote region by spreading digital literacy among the people while simultaneously educating them on the productive usage of freely available digital services for reaping benefits in the fields of agriculture, school education, sanitation, healthcare, general knowledge and infotainment etc.

While primary focus will be on online digital resources available in the fields of education and agriculture, some of the key aspects planned to be covered during this one-of-its-kind Jio Digital Yatra include connecting through digital world through Aided Education module, updates on modern farming techniques, enhancing productivity in farming sector by use of digitally available information and processes.

The farming community will be educated on useful farming techniques such as pest control measures such as pest attacks like Chakada or BPH, vaccination of cattle for ailments like foot and mouth disease, market price of vegetables and agricultural produce etc., students will be made aware of digital learning tools and resources including Topper Learning by Jio.

During the course of the campaign, various products and useful services offered by Jio will also be showcased during the activities in these villages while a special device service team will accompany to support the activity along with providing instant service-related solutions.

In line with the Digital India initiative launched by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aiming to create a digital infrastructure for empowering rural communities and promoting digital literacy, this initiative of Jio is all set to benefit the villagers, especially the farming community and students in these remote locations.