CII EXCON 2019 to witness participation of over 1250 exhibitors from 25 countries

Bhubaneshwar: At the roadshow on EXCON held here today, the emphasis on technology as a key driver of growth in the infrastructure sector was highlighted.

Recent developments in the areas of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning will go a long way in boosting the infrastructure sector besides ensuring longevity and effectiveness.

The session was attended by senior officials from the Government, industry leaders and stakeholders from the infrastructure and construction equipment sectors.

CII EXCON 2019 – South Asia’s largest construction equipment trade fair will demonstrate the role of smart technologies and nextgen construction equipment in accelerating the growth of infrastructure in the country.

The 5-day exhibition would attract over 70,000 business visitors from India and abroad.

EXCON 2019, scheduled to be held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru from December 10-14, will have the participation of over 1250 exhibitors including 350+ overseas companies from 25 countries including China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, UK & USA among others.

R K Mishra, Secretary, BDA said, “This is the tenth edition of the EXCON and our theme this year is on “Smart i-tech- Next Gen India@75”. Excon 2019 will demonstrate the role of smart technologies and innovation in design in the manufacture of nextgen construction equipment and machinery to support the rapid pace of infrastructure development in the country.

India is expected to become the third largest construction market globally by 2022 and there has been rapid investments in infrastructure by the government which is driving growth opportunities”.

Speaking on the occasion, Pradipta Mohanty, Vice Chairman, CII, Odisha State Council said, “Every sector requires a technological advancement and in India, there exists a huge demand for houses, thanks to country’s fast urbanisation. Using advanced technology in the construction sector, we believe this demand could be met along with the other government initiatives for both home buyers and well as developers”.

Server less computing, AI, network agility and edge computing are few of the strategic technology trends that will create a boost in the Indian infrastructure, he added.