Jagannath Temple TikTok video: Girl detained

Another picture of Jagannath Temple goes viral

Puri: Police have started an investigation after a picture of Ananda Bazaar inside the Jagannath temple in Puri has gone viral on social media.

A youth clicked a picture of ‘Mahaprasad’ being sold at Ananda Bazaar and posted it on his Facebook page, which has gone viral.

The incident has occurred a few days after a girl of Nirakarpur area recorded the inside visuals of the Jagannath temple and posted it on video-sharing app TikTok.

Earlier, a video featuring an Odia film actress along with her kin having ‘Mahaprasad’ at Anand Bazaar had gone viral.

Such incidents are taking place repeatedly in the Jagannath Temple despite the ban on taking mobile phones, cameras or any electronic gadgets into the temple premises.

It has raised a question on the security of the temple.