Honest act of Mo Bus crew again, return lost valuables of a teacher

Free rides for women in Mo Bus on International Women’s Day

Bhubaneswar: CRUT on Friday announced to provide free rides to female passengers in Mo Bus on this International Women’s Day on March 8.

“On the occasion of International Women’s Day, women can avail of free rides in Mo Bus. There will be no charge for them on that day,” said Dipti Mahapatro, General Manager, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT).

CRUT has been promoting lady guides in Mo Bus.

More than 30% guides are women who are serving and empowering the public transport brand in the region.

“We are happy to share that we had been pioneers in promoting lady guides as part of our workforce since our inception. More than 30% guides are lady guides who are serving and empowering the favourite public transport brand Mo Bus in the capital region,” said Mahapatro.