Odisha govt issues Coronavirus advisory

Odisha plans biggest Covid hospitals in country

Bhubaneswar: Odisha government on Thursday said that it readying to set up the largest Covid-19 hospital in India.

The hospital will have about 1,000 beds and will be functional in a fortnight.

With this establishment, Odisha will be the first state in the country to set up such a large-scale hospital exclusively to treat Covid-19 patients.

Odisha has planned biggest Covid hospitals in the country.  Accordingly, the State Government has signed two tripartite agreements with SUM and KIMS Medical Colleges today at Loka Seva Bhawan to set up 1000 bedded state level hospitals in Bhubaneswar for treatment of Covid 19 patients. 

These hospitals will be the state facility for Covid 19 treatment.  OMC and MCL will provide the CSR funding for the purpose.  Both the new facilities will be functional in a fortnight.

The first MoU signed by Government of Odisha represented by Health Secretary Nikunja Bihari Dhal, MD of OMC Vyneel Krishna and KIIMS Management to set up a 450 bedded hospital.

The second MoU was signed by Health Secretary Nikunja Bihari Dhal, S.S. Panda of MCL and SUM Hospital Management to set up a 500 bedded hospital plus ICU facilities. 

CM Naveen Patnaik congratulated the partners and thanked the Corporates OMC and MCL for coming forward and working in synergy in the interest of the people of the State.

Covid 19 has become a global pandemic in a short span of time affecting most of the States and Union Territories including Odisha.

There was an urgent need to take up proactive steps to strengthen the healthcare system in the context of Covid 19 and provide dedicated health services to suspected and affected persons of Covid 19.

The conventional standard response to handling this novel virus is inadequate.  Even developed countries like Italy and USA having matured healthcare systems have found it difficult to respond to this unprecedented crisis. 

The global experience shows that Covid 19 patients need to be put under observation and treatment in a separate hospital instead of a general hospital: thus minimising the chance of transmission to others.

The State Government has taken this unique initiative to respond to this extraordinary challenge. 

The Chief Minister has also directed to set up similar facilities for Covid 19 cases in other areas of the State.