Saroj Dash takes over as President of Rotary Club Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Saroj Dash has taken over as the 19th President of the Rotary Elite of Bhubaneswar.

“After COVID19, a lot of work will now be done towards education, health and the environment,” said Rotary Gold secretary award winner Saroj Dash in a press statement.

Dash, the founder of “Kanya Anmol Hai”, has continued his efforts to protect girls in and outside the state.

Rotarian Golak Majhi, secretary, Chitta Ranjan Mishra, Vice-President, Rotarian Niharendu Bhuyan, Joint-Secretary, Rotarian Sangeeta Choudhury, and Samiran Dutta, Treasurer were present on the occasion.