Supplementary budget

Supplementary budget of Rs 11,200 crore presented in Odisha Assembly

Bhubaneswar: Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari on Friday presented a supplementary budget of Rs 11,200 crore for the financial year 2020-21 in the winter session of Odisha Assembly.

Pujari said the approach in this year’s supplementary budget is “re-prioritization of the allocations, with the Pandemic being in Centre of our focused efforts”.

The supplementary provision of Rs 11,200 crore comprises of Rs 2,273 crore towards administrative expenditure, Rs 7,438 crore towards programme expenditure, Rs 1,484 crore towards disaster management funds and Rs 5 crore towards transfer to local bodies.

“In spite of the impact of the pandemic on the economy and resources, the State would try to adhere to all prudent fiscal management parameters envisaged in FRBM Act without compromising on the priority sector expenditure as well as expenditure to save lives and livelihoods of the people,” said the Finance Minister.

A total of Rs 1627 crore has been allocated for public health care.

Rs 100 crore has been provided for infrastructure development for medical colleges and primary and secondary health institution under Mukhya Mantri Swasthya Seva Mission.

Rs 409 crore is provided for strengthening anciliary services in health sector, which include Rs 305 crore for medical equipments and Rs 104 crore for NIRMAL.

Rs 412 crore is provided for Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana, which include Rs 330 crore towards medicine, Rs 51 crore for emergency ambulance service and Rs 30 crore for Odisha State Treatment Fund.