IIM Sambalpur signs MoU to address the COVID pandemic

IIM Sambalpur signs MoU to address COVID pandemic

Sambalpur: IIM Sambalpur has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Office of the Collector Sambalpur to tackle the COVID crisis in the area and assist in the overall development of the district.

The MoU was signed in the presence of Prof. Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur and Subham Saxena, District Collector.

Speaking on the occasion Jaiswal highlighted, “While the Government is doing their very best to mitigate the catastrophe, it is also important for all of us to offer solutions and assist the Government in their endeavour. We believe we can offer a scientific approach in areas such as supply chain, logistics, operations, modelling and manpower management.

IIM Sambalpur has created task forces with our faculty and experts on efficient management of health infrastructure supply chain such as hospital beds, doctors, oxygen, medicine etc. and effective Citizen Engagement-Social Communication in the district of Sambalpur to begin with and to be rolled out nationwide based on its success. IIM Sambalpur is dedicated towards the development and betterment of Sambalpur, Odisha and the Nation at large.”

The MoU will focus on several areas including embarking effective citizen engagement and efficient health infrastructure supply chain management to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic; enabling research and solution frameworks for Governance.

IIM Sambalpur with its core values of innovation, integrity and inclusiveness is focused on nation building and is committed in their goal of contributing towards the development of the country.

The institute is now working on developing solutions that can help the country combat the second wave of the pandemic and prepare itself for an impending third wave.