Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut lodges complaint after getting threats

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has received death threats, after which the actress has lodged an FIR with the police. Kangana Ranaut has shared its information and the copy of the FIR with everyone through social media.

Taking to Instagram, Kangana said, “Remembering the martyrs of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, I wrote that never forgive, nor forget the traitors. In such an incident, the internal traitors of the country would have had a hand. The traitors never left a single opportunity to tarnish India in the greed of money, sometimes in the greed of position and power.”

Kangana further wrote, “Over this post of mine, I am getting constant threats from miscreants. A youth from Bathinda has openly threatened to kill me. I am not afraid of such threats. I speak against the terrorist forces which are conspiring against the country and will always speak.”

“Democracy is the biggest strength of our country, the government may be of any party, but the fundamental right to protect the integrity, unity and fundamental rights of citizens and the expression of ideas was given to us by the Constitution. I have never said anything derogatory or hate-mongering about any caste, religion, or group,” she said in the caption.

Sharing the copy of the FIR, Kangana wrote, “I have registered an FIR with the police against the threats. I hope the Punjab government will also take action soon. But I am neither afraid nor will I ever be afraid, in the interest of the country, I will keep speaking openly against the traitors.”