Namrata Malla
Namrata Malla

Watch: Namrata Malla’s stunning dance on Goa beach

Bhojpuri actress Namrata Malla is spending quality time in Goa these days. Namrata is not only enjoying herself in Goa, but she is also entertaining the fans by sharing videos and photos. The thing to note is that wherever Namrata lives but does not forget her love for dance.

On checking the social media account of Namrata Malla, you will find many bold pictures and dance videos of her. Namrata is not only a stylish actress but also a very good belly dancer.

Namrata grabs everyone’s attention with her dance moves whether in the swimming pool or on the beach in Goa.

Recently she was seen waving her waist on the seashore.

In the video, you can see that Namrata Malla is dancing happily with her dancing partner in blue-colored shorts and a black bra. Along with doing dangerous dance, Namrata also gives very cool expressions.