World Veterinary Day observed in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: World Veterinary Day-2022 has been observed in the state with an objective to create awareness among people on animal health care, animal welfare and animal husbandry activities.

Every year, World Veterinary Day is being observed on the last Saturday of April and this year it has been observed with the theme ‘Strengthening Veterinary Resilience’.  The state level observations were made at Krushi Bhawan, Bhubaneswar and participants from districts joined through virtual mode.

The Minister, Fisheries &  Animal  Resources  Development, Dr. Arun Kumar Sahoo stated that the State Government has taken a number of measures for the development of livestock and animal husbandry sectors which has been identified as one of the growth engine for farmers, women self-help groups and entrepreneurs in the state.

 There are 541 Veterinary Hospitals/Dispensaries and 3,239 Livestock Aid Centres providing animal healthcare, breeding & advisory services to livestock farmers, entrepreneurs and pet owners of the state. Doorstep livestock healthcare services are being provided by 314 Mobile Veterinary Units across the state. In order to undertake testing of blood, urine and other samples for diagnosis of animal diseases, disease diagnostic laboratories are set up at state, regional and district levels.

Milk production in the state has increased around threefold during the last two decades from 8.75 lakh metric tons in the year 2000 to over 23.73 lakh metric tons in 2021. Meat production has increased around six-fold during the last 20 years from 38.38 thousand metric tons in the year 2000 to 213.09 thousand metric tons in the year 2021. Egg production during this period has increased around threefold from 7301 .04 lakh eggs in the year 2000 to 24242.67 lakh eggs in the year 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra highlighted the key role of hundreds of veterinarians, para vets and support staff in animal health care, animal welfare and animal husbandry activities. The State Government has launched numerous entrepreneurial schemes in the allied sector wherein subsidy is provided for setting up of new commercial and semi commercial broiler, layer and goat rearing.

The Principal Secretary, Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department R Raghu Prasad emphasised that genetic improvement of breed through artificial insemination and vaccination programs are taken up in  a mission mode in the state.

 Sex Sorted Semen has been made available at Livestock Aid Centre level for artificial insemination of cows wherein up to 90 per cent female calves will be born, which would enhance milk production.

On the occasion, progressive farmers, WSHG have been felicitated for their achievement in Animal Husbandry activities.

Similarly, best performing veterinarians and para veterinarians were felicitated  for their achievement in veterinary service delivery.

On the occasion, Director, Animal  Husbandry  &  Veterinary  Services Dr Yeddula Vijay, veterinary doctors and para veterinarians of the state, Women Self Help Group members and livestock farmers were present in the occasion.